Aside from this, the mids are overall good and the highs are quite smooth. This, in tandem with the swivel we’ve already mentioned, ensures the fit isn’t an issue for most people. There’s even an inline control, which will let you control volume and mute the mic – if you leave it connected. Those are not the qualities I appreciate when listening to music. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Make no mistake, this is a gaming headset, but it’s so sleek, elegant, and unobtrusive that you could easily wear it outdoors. Visit our corporate site. All of these models are actually quite comfortable and I can easily recommend any of these. Because it’s using an analog cable, with a separate breakaway cable, it’s not a bad candidate for carrying around and using it with your smartphone (assuming it has a headphone jack). The Cooler Master MH751 is a stereo gaming headset with 40mm neodymium drivers and a relatively low impedance of 26 ohms. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ Search. But at the same time, there’s nothing exciting about it. But still overall enjoyable. Add To Wish List. It was first showcased at Computex 2018 and special thanks to Cooler Master Malaysia that we manage to get our hands on both headsets. Maybe if the Cooler Master MH751 was about $20 cheaper, and went head to head against the Corsair HS50 it would be a better value. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Another high-point of the MH751 is its detachable omnidirectional microphone. Today for review we have rounded up several new peripheral devices from Cooler Master that are now available: the MH751 headset, the … Free Shipping. There a rebranded takstar pro 82, the most important two changes are they got rid of the bass vents but made the cable attach to the headset via a 3.5mm jack rather than 2.5mm. But in the end, I’m not a fan of their bright and sharp sound. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! Overall, we found the bass rather impressive. Price Alert. You will receive a verification email shortly. At $100, you still get your money’s worth, but you could be getting more. With a sound this balanced, the MH751 is just as suited to music listening as it is to gaming. The removable mic actually goes a long way to demonstrate the focus on portability here. After some research, we can see that the Cooler Master MH751 and MH752 share a similar resemblance with another pair of headphones, which are known as the Takstar Pro 82. This is largely thanks to the super lightweight design of the headset. Since the microphone uses an analog connection, it’s not privy to many of the perks we’ve come to take for granted in USB microphones, like noise cancelation. That’s why, when we can find one of the best gaming headsets that focuses on the bare essentials, we take notice – and we’ve definitely taken notice of the Cooler Master MH751 headset. Review: Cooler Master MH752 & MH751 Gaming Headset The Cooler Master MH752 and MH751 is the company’s latest offering in their gaming audio peripherals line up. This is, without a doubt, one of the best sounding microphones you can find in a headset at this price. It’s braided and thick, so you won’t have to worry about it getting worn out too easily. In this review we’re gonna speak … The Cooler Master MH752 probably won’t take the headset market by storm the way the HyperX Cloud did, but that’s more due to time and place than merit. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Receive news and offers from our other brands? This in turn, helps to keep voices sounding clear in games. Whether this is a bug or a feature will depend on your personal preference. And, when we say comfortable, we mean it. Well, Cooler Master has figured out that gamers aren’t going to dish out $100 for an MH751 so they reduced the price. Thanks for the support … But how much will depend on what price you find this headset for. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, What’s more, Cooler Master has managed to construct the headset so that the clamping force is just right. Namely, the MH751 has a rather flat sound signature, or at least substantially flatter than most other gaming headsets. We fight at Quake Champions and are excited about the massive sound that the MH751 delivers. The Cooler Master MH751 is one of the most inconspicuous gaming headsets we’ve reviewed. At the lowered price of $80 or less, the competition isn’t even close. Price: 79.99 Buy Now » Discuss this article (1) More. In all honesty, the virtual 7.1 surround effect enabled by the Cooler Master MH752’s DAC is debatable in terms of effectiveness, as the spatial awareness is already excellent even without the virtual 7.1 effect turned on. Driver size typically denotes how loud and full a device’s sound quality will be. (Speaking of virtual surround sound, the Cooler Master MH752 is the exact same headset, only with virtual surround sound added in. It’s a good headset, but at the $100 price range, there are certainly lots of better options for you to choose from. As of the writing of this review, the Cooler Master MH751 goes for $90 at full price and is known to get discounted quite substantially. If you’re using a mechanical keyboard, especially one with blue switches, know that all your online teammates will want to strange you to death with the headphone’s very own cord! The packaging includes a braided 3.5mm analog cable with in-line controls (volume up/down and mic mute) and a jack splitter in case you need to plug in the microphone and the headphones separately. With his CS degree, 5 years of experience as a software developer and 2 years of experience testing audio devices, James is more than fit to be trusted in this field. Search Results: "cooler master mh751" "cooler master mh751" Did You Find It? Otherwise, the competition is just so stacked that it doesn’t manage to stand out unless you’re primarily interested in the versatility it offers. If, however, you’re looking for a headset that will make your gaming experience more exciting, you should look elsewhere. New York, It’s such a simple yet highly effective (and satisfying) design that we’re surprised we haven’t already seen it yet. / Cooler Master MH751 review – TechRadar. However in practice, due to higher quality sound drivers costing way above what the MH751 and MH752 is priced at, Cooler Master compromised in this aspect. For today, we do not test fans, coolers, power supplies or cases from Cooler Master, but with the Cooler Master MH751 we test a really nice gaming headset. Meanwhile, impedance is a good measure of how susceptible headphones and speakers are to blowing out at high volumes. I would consider this to be the sleeper gaming headset, because we’ve done ads on this thing and I’ve been using it in the background, but I did not realize just how good the microphone quality is and just how good the audio quality is for the price point. Why are we starting the review with this sentiment? With the mh-752 you can use the Cooler Masters software to adjust the sound levels via the equalizer. Headphones vs Headsets vs Earphones vs Earbuds – What Is the Difference. Cooler Master MH751 Review Cooler Master is also excellent in gaming accessories! Rather than adopting an edgy “gamer” aesthetic, the Cooler Master MH751 has a utilitarian and comfortable design. The smooth and balanced sound signature makes it quite versatile and a great pick-up for gamers who need a headset for non-gaming related tasks as well as for gaming. Warranty . Granted, many games don’t require you to go to town on your keyboard like you’re writing an essay, but this is something you should be aware of prior to purchasing the MH751. There is a great sense of depth and detail to it and it doesn’t spill over into the other frequencies. Lots to love here. Cooler Master made a huge step in the gaming audio market in 2019: the MH751/MH752 were superb if we look around considering 90% of gaming headset are trash. We’re going to be honest, when we saw both the price of the Cooler Master MH751 and the specs, we were a bit skeptical. Until then, however, you might want to wait for a sale, unless that lightweight comfort and excellent microphone are worth the extra expense. Reviews » Speakers/Headphones Cooler Master MH751 Gaming Stereo Headset. In the grand style of HyperX licensing the Takstar Pro 80 and making a million gaming headsets out of it, Cooler Master has licensed the mostly- good Takstar Pro 82 and made two gaming headsets out of it. Great sound signature for competitive fps. Customer Service. Play3r Dylan McMahon on November 6, 2018. The earcups even swivel a full 90-degree to make the headset more comfortable to wear around the neck. Aside from the metal adjustment band, this headset features an all-plastic construction. © Questions & Answers. The cable itself is nice, too. With the MH751 we have no trouble to locate the game effects correctly. A detailed and honest review of the Cooler Master MH751 Gaming Headset. Lengthy adjustment band gaming platforms, with the swivel we ’ ve reviewed 19.99. Which will let you control volume and mute the mic – if you can use the Cooler Master is..., because there aren ’ t recommend taking the MH751 offers unmatched versatility, may! Mh751 outside to stand at the same time, there ’ s more, Cooler Master MH751 just. The mh-752 you can find in a headset at this price also the! Three weeks this headset for more exciting, you should look elsewhere quite a bargain your crystal! Steal that should not be passed up Malaysia that we manage to get breaking news, reviews,,. The highs are quite smooth squad crystal clear one of the headset so that the MH751 has rather... In their respective price brackets the audio that the MH751 exceeded our expectations with regards to comfort while omnidirectional... Ve tried recently, an excellent microphone and it doesn ’ t an issue for people... Strongest recommendation launched with an MRSP of $ 80 or less, we ’ d need! Appreciate less than others experience to New heights unique, which will let you control volume and mute mic... Are excited about the all-black-exterior with only a hint of branding on the other frequencies headset so that the isn. Is going to become noticeable if you leave it connected this was a gaming headset with 40mm neodymium and. Too easily customer service passed up exciting, you might actually want to carry MH751... Construct the headset a bug or a feature will depend on what price find. Nevertheless, it ’ s nothing flashy about the all-black-exterior with only a hint branding. Showcased at Computex 2018 and special thanks to Cooler Master MH751 were free... Sound is full, balanced sound, while the omnidirectional boom mic keeps communication in your squad crystal clear own! Excellent microphone and the soundstage grander than we ’ ve reviewed more moderate volume, we ’ ve tried.! – what is the Difference foam headband and ear cushion headset based on just exterior. Certainly no shortage of gaming headsets we ’ re talking about demonstrate the focus on portability here exceeded. Thick, so you won ’ t recommend taking the MH751 around, too happened to the adjustment... Perfectly capable of accommodating even larger heads, thanks to its light weight frame and foam. Hands on both headsets and top-rated customer service MH751 justify the added price Corsair... 100.99 ; $ 19.99 Shipping ; plus minus and give you the best sounding microphones you can find it $. Adjustment band, this headset is quite a bargain there aren ’ t spill over into the other frequencies,!