Bass management is a necessary process when configuring your home theater because it affects your entire sound system. This article reviews the top 10 home theater subwoofers under $200. My favorite subwoofer that has great bass and an affordable price has to be the Polk Audio PSW10. What is the best budget subwoofer? Want to go big and buy the best 15-inch subwoofer money can buy? Whether it’s for your studio setup or your home theater, here’s a list of the best budget subwoofers. Check our roundup followed by our buying guide and see which unit deserves your attention. Subwoofers allow you to hear the deep tones in music and the lowest of voices. If you are looking to have a theater-like experience at home, then it helps to have a subwoofer to pair with your set of speakers. The best attractive subwoofer: Klipsch Reference Series 12 (R-12SW) Why you should buy it : Any home theater looks better with it, and its value and performance are worth every penny. The SVS SB-2000 is a smaller version of SVS' massively powerful 15-inch sub and it packs a punch. Getting the perfect blend of audio depends on your subwoofer’s crossover setting. If you’re connecting a passive subwoofer to your home theater system, your best bet is to place an external subwoofer amplifier between the passive subwoofer and the subwoofer preamp outputs of your home theater’s receiver. SVS SVS is well-known for creating home subwoofers on the high end of … Best 8 inch Subwoofer For Your Home: 2020 Review The Best 15 inch Subwoofer of 2018 Top 6 Competition Subwoofers of 2019 [Buying Guide & Comparison] Best 12 inch Subwoofer for your Car: Reviews and Buying Guide