Mike was willing to do anything it took to get rich except getting a job and working. Foremost of these is building his dream house on the perfect piece of land. Realizing that he could have been happy with Ellie, Mike killed Greta. It is the twenty-fifth full-length Preston-Child collaboration. But now all he wants is a house called "The Gipsy's Acre" (made by the magnificent Santonlx) and a woman. United Kingdom Even though the book did not feature Miss Marple, it was adapted for the sixth series of Agatha Christie's Marple. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Endless Night; This story is unlike other Agatha Christie Mysteries. I still look forward to each new one, but each new entry has less going for it than the last. Third Girl A working-class young Englishman marries an affable American heiress, but their marital bliss is soon interrupted when they begin constructing a home on land alleged to be cursed. She had been able to sneak away from her protective family with the help of her au pair, Greta Anderson. When Ellie snuck out and met Mike’s mother, she told Ellie she believed Mike did not want them to meet because he was afraid his mother would say something bad about Mike. Chris Farley Dancing Gif, But Pendergast isn't his usual self. The action is fast paced, cleverly plotted and the endgame absolutely worth the reading. Michael is walking along a village road near the Gipsy's Acre property one day when he meets Ellie, a wealthy heiress who wants to escape from her world of snobby friends, begging relatives, and restrictive financial advisors. VENGEANCE IS WHAT'S HAPPENED." City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston is a thriller that kept me guessing most of the book. An inquest was called to try to determine the cause of Ellie’s death but the gypsy woman, whom people believed was connected with her accident, was found dead in a quarry on the property. Country | 123 Main Street Click on a plot link to find similar books. But it is not a bump-free road to a happily ever after for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers: as her family does not approve of the marriage, her family who includes the family's longtime lawyer, "Uncle" Andrew Lippincott (George Sanders); as Ellie's best friend, a strong-minded young woman named Greta (Britt Ekland), infiltrates their life; and as an elderly neighbor at Gypsy's Acre, Miss Townsend (Patience Collier), warns Michael that building a house and living on that property will lead to nothing but a cursed life. Michael gets his chance when his new girlfriend, Ellie Thomsen (Hayley Mills), turns out to be an extremely wealthy heiress. He also moves from job to job in his restlessness, more often than not being fired rather than moving on on his own volition. Publication date It would be providence as the two get married, he finds out she is the sixth wealthiest heiress in the world, and she purchases the property at Gypsy's Acre to fulfill his fantasy of the house there, the technologically modern building, maximizing the views amongst other things, designed by his new friend, architect Santonix (Per Oscarsson). Let's see. In Endless Night by Agatha Christie, Mike Rogers serves as the main character and narrator of the novel. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. My daughter and I also noted the lack of female characters. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Endless Night This story is unlike other Agatha Christie Mysteries. Backstories, backgrounds, and names vary with differing international adaptations, based on censorship, cultural norms, etc. (We later learn this isn't the first time he's murdered for personal gain.). When the alluring Greta Anderson suggested an easy way to get rich quickly by marrying millionaire Ellie Guteman and then killing her, he could not resist. The latest, City of Endless Night is the 17th book in the series and as usual, the excitement builds quickly. They fall in love and get married. Michael fantasizes about one day building a new home on the plot of land, and aims to one day have Santonix, a famed Italian arc… Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle; the loss of his two front teeth to his brother Richard's fist; and various broken bones, also incurred in dust-ups with Richard. Endless Night (2013) Plot Summary (4) Miss Marple investigates the downfall of an optimistic young couple who ignored the warnings of a gypsy and built a dream home on allegedly cursed land. 4 Agent Pendergast and Lieutenant D'Agosta are back stars. Thursday, June 27, 2013. Christie finished Endless Night in six weeks, as opposed to the three-four months that most of her other novels took. Michael and Ellie meet secretly, with the help of Ellie's assistant Greta, and eventually get married. Endless Night is a work of crime fiction by Agatha Christie, first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on October 30, 1967 and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company the following year. The headless daughter of a millionaire is found, Pendergast who is in disgrace with the FBI after his last outing is assigned the case. I love these books, as corny as they are what with the evil super-villains and the gory murders and the Lord Peter Wimsey-ish protagonist and the loyal sidekicks. When the alluring Greta Anderson suggested an easy way to get rich quickly by marrying millionaire Ellie Guteman and then killing her, he could not resist. Uni Norths Owls Junior Rugby, Usa Rugby Team Players 2019, Plot Summary + Chapters Summary and Analysis Book 1: Chapters 1-4 Book 1: Chapters 5-8 Book 2: Chapters 9-10 Book 2: Chapters 11-13 Book 2: Chapters 14-15 Book 2: Chapters 16-18 Book 3: Chapters 19-21 Book 3: Chapters 22-24 Free Quiz Characters Symbols and Symbolism Settings Themes and Motifs Styles Quotes. A splendid late flowering.". Be the first to contribute! On top of that, local legend says their property is cursed. The slow-acting cyanide killed her during the ride. A melancholy Michael has to travel to America to attend Ellie's funeral and to receive the inheritance bequeathed to him in Ellie's will. Taglines While in America, Michael receives a letter from the village telling him that the bodies of Miss Lee and Claudia Hardcastle have been discovered, suggesting that Ellie's death was not an accident. While consoling her recently widowed friend Marjorie, Miss Marple crosses paths with the handsome Mike Rogers, a young worker with a penchant for daydreaming about his future, more specifically about the perfect house he would live in, built on the eerily beautiful Gypsy's Acre. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on One day, Ellie dies after being thrown from her horse. Excited by the prospect of their new life, Ellie is able to fund the building of Gipsy's Acre, their new modern home near the place where they met. Endless Night Mike Rogers is a working class man, drifting between lowly-paid jobs. When Mike arrived, however, he encountered Ellie’s ghost at the same spot where he had first met Ellie. Pages However, legend has it that the grounds are cursed, a belief reinforced by Mrs Lee, the local gypsy. Thai Fusions, Upon his death bed, Santonix even tells Michael that Michael should have gone the other way. Endless Night (1972) Dame Agatha (Christie) doesn't get much of a show on this site, which is a surprise when you consider how bloody and shock-filled some of those old Poirot stories were (and how horrifically painful sitting through those bloody BBC Miss Marple episodes used to be). Santonix had guessed Michael's intents previously, and his seemingly random outburst was in anger that Michael killed Ellie rather than living happily with her.