Synonyms with "under" under. Later we did just that, under the guidance of Tawabinisy himself. It was quickly decided, therefore, that the Judge should be the vestry's vehicle of "guidance.". Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. People are always looking for spiritual leaders.
Find more ways to say guidance, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Remember, it's guidance, it's not requirements, and its purpose is to facilitate the reopening and keeping open the schools in this country. the process by which the flight of a missile or rocket may be altered in speed and direction in response to controls situated either wholly in the projectile or partly at a base. I certainly have been guided by God or by her, and it is reasonable to believe that she is God's instrument of my guidance. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. advice or counseling, especially that provided for students choosing a course of study or preparing for a vocation. “she always looks to his mother for guidance” Synonyms for guidance advice (guideline, directive, >>) management (supervision, governance, administration >>) direction (admonition, guide, instruction >>) See all synonyms for guidance. If there's one positive test — again, this will be under the strict guidance of the medical people — that person will be isolated, and we'll be monitoring anybody, through contact tracing, that was in close proximity. Advice or counseling aimed at resolving a problem or provided for educational purposes, “As part of your role, we expect you to provide, Information or knowledge provided as part of advice or counseling, The act of looking after and making decisions about something, A building up, especially in a moral, emotional, or spiritual sense, A meeting for giving information or instructions, The act of providing someone in need of assistance with aid, A small but useful piece of information or practical advice, A non-specific rule or principle that provides direction to action or behaviour, Traveling, guiding along route, often over water, Something that warns of imminent risk or danger, Timely preparation for future eventualities, “Ballistics play a significant role in the development of missile. guidance, counsel, counseling, counselling, direction(noun), something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action, Synonyms:direction, focus, counselor, management, counselling, counsel, way, commission, steering, instruction, counsellor, focussing, advocate, centering, counseling, charge, pleader, focal point, counselor-at-law, focusing, Synonyms:steerage, counseling, counselling, counsel, direction, steering, "a new council was installed under the direction of the king", Synonyms:focal point, focus, management, direction, counselling, counsel, way, commission, instruction, focussing, centering, counseling, charge, steering, steerage, focusing. Let us look for a moment at these two ideas: interpretation and guidance. Web. Another word for parental. Top antonyms for guidance (opposite of guidance) are caution, evade and deceive. Regulation: a statement spelling out the proper procedure or conduct for an activity. Synonyms (Other Words) for Guidance & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Guidance.

Unless this quarter's earnings are much worse than consensus, the more important thing will be the guidance. Synonyms for guidance include advice, counsel, counseling, counselling, direction, help, support, teaching, assistance and input. Antonyms for guidance at with free online thesaurus, synonyms, definitions and translations. counselling or advice on educational, vocational, or psychological matters, any process by which the flight path of a missile is controlled in flight, Mark Wahlberg’s Pardon Plea: A Look Back At His Troubling, Violent, and Racist Rap Sheet, ‘Girlhood’: Coming of Age in France’s Projects, Wanted: Less Terrible Political Coverage on TV, It’s Official: Religion Doesn’t Make You More Moral. characterized by cleverness or originality of invention or construction. It's human nature. Mariame protests, and tells the guidance counselor that she does not understand. Thanks for your vote!

God responds with light and guidance which outlast earthquakes and massacres. I think she realized for the first time that without my guidance she would probably spend the rest of the night in the woods. supervised care or assistance, especially therapeutic help in the treatment of minor emotional disturbances. Obviously, for any sport, if you have a major outbreak, it's going to change everything, but we're being told that an isolated case or a couple of isolated cases shouldn't interfere with the plans, and we should be able to move forward. Rest upon it for the night, and let your orisons ask for guidance in the matter. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Whether or not we believe that divine precepts give us guidance, our behavior is remarkably similar. Counselor: a … See how many words from the week of Oct 12–18, 2020 you get right! 10 Types Of Nouns Used In The English Language. And that makes me wonder if maybe the networks and shows might not want to look to them for guidance? Synonyms "under the guidance" in the picture. Its guidance was for Dillon and all the big men I had known. Contexts Opposite of advice or counseling aimed at resolving a problem or provided for educational purposes (someone or something) Opposite of the state of supervising, protecting, and maintaining the health and welfare of. “This degrading spectacle was a mixture of incompetence, Opposite of one's upbringing, usually of a child, “Both parents were accused of contributing to their child's, Opposite of the action of overseeing something, Opposite of a standard for others to follow, “You have been a terrible captain, and we hope the other players do not follow your, Opposite of the protective care or guardianship of someone or something, Opposite of action given to provide assistance, Opposite of information, typically having military, political or commercial value, Opposite of the state of being protected, especially by someone or something serving as a guardian, “Chabert's regiment led a cavalry charge against the Russian, Opposite of the act of providing someone in need of assistance with aid, “The doctor misdiagnosed his injury due to medical, Opposite of practical, moral or emotional help or support given, “Though Dean was the only one of eight children in his family who wanted to continue with farming, he got nothing but, Opposite of the state of supervising, protecting, and maintaining the health and welfare of. Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms.

“Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. In a republic the first rule for the guidance of the citizen is obedience to law. We truly appreciate your support.

What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? Bonaparte's marshals are great men, who act under the guidance of an omnipotent master-spirit. Synonyms (Other Words) for Guidance & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Guidance. 23 Oct. 2020. Those who contemplate such a step should pray for God's guidance. Pilotage, lead, leadership, guidance, hegemony, headship, direction . See more.

Under the guidance of God, I arrived at this spot; and He fixed the sods in the sea for me, so that they formed a little island. To these, the cotton world looks for guidance from day to day. Guidance synonym. Synonyme (Andere Wörter) for Guidance & Antonyme (Entgegengesetzte Bedeutung) für Guidance. Unabridged She begs the guidance counselor to let her advance to high school. Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page: Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, AICPA comments on deductibility of health insurance premiums, controlled foreign corporation look-through provision, Proposed regulations trouble New Jersey concrete recyclers, Missile Guidance Radar Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dominance during 2018-2026, Gatchalian: More guidance counselors needed for children at risk, Teachers' Perceptions Regarding Guidance and Counseling Practices at Public and Private Sector Universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, DepEd should hire more guidance counselors than spend for drug tests - senator, Terminal Guidance Law for UAV Based on Receding Horizon Control Strategy, Guichet d'Accueil Maintenance Opérateur Tiers, Guidance & Control Concept Demonstration/Demonstrator, Guidance And Control Information Analysis Center, Guidance and Control of Underwater Vehicles, Guidance and Navigation Avionics Control Unit.
Antonyms for guidance include misguidance, deception, deceit, misleading, duplicity, deceitfulness, dishonesty, treachery, betrayal and guile.

A piece of advice provided for resolving a problem, given by someone who is in authority. Need antonyms for guidance? © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Another word for guidance. Find more ways to say parental, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Guidance antonyms. Find another word for regulation. The code for attribution links is required. 11 synonyms of counselor from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 28 related words, definitions, and antonyms. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Get instant synonyms for any word that hits you anywhere on the web! Now we are hit by this (coronavirus) wave ... we are under the guidance of Minister Mandetta, people can obey Mandetta's social isolation orders. When you have traditional churches failing and people are looking for spiritual guidance, it is not surprising that people go to other arenas, he told them he is on the same level as Buddha and Jesus Christ. 10 Types Of Nouns Used In The English Language. Who Is The “Jack” In The Term “Jack-o’-lantern,” Anyway?