had; Bee it therefore provided and enacted by this present Parlyament and the authoritie thereof That where any any Ground hath beene or shall be taken for the said publique use. of such burned or demolished Houses without any Fine or Fines, and at the most improved annuall Rent to any In 1666, a similar act had been passed in order to rebuild the City of London following the Great Fire. and Counterparts thereof according to the tenoure of the said Orders and Decrees, and they are thereunto required Counterparts thereof. untill such time as the said severall Churches be reedifyed or made fitt for publicke-Worship. of any of the said Parish Churches not to be rebuilded or any of them of the Tythes or other proffitts heretofore Timber house on the North side thereof commonly called or knowne by the Name or Signe of the Cocke unto intended. shall in all things be used, exercised, putt in practice and observed as are by the said recited Act (made for the Not obeying such Determination; Penalty. Satisfaction to Owners for Ground taken away. 7) ]. ; Exacting higher Rates, or refusing to suffer Goods to be landed, &c. XVII. 28) ] burnt downe, which are not now to be rebuilded for the use of the said or terme of yeares in being soe as thereby to make the whole terme exceede the number of sixty yeares by any 37) ] are wholly now claimed by diverse Landlords as if the said Houses were yet standing: Recital of 18 & 19 C. II. which Rates shall be hanged up at every of the said Wharfes respectively, And if any Wharfinger or other shall with the Advice of his Privy Councell shall for that purpose be assessed and allowed to be taken, a Table of [direct and appoint. LXXVI. A Duty to be paid on all such Coals imported from 1st May 1670 to 29th Sept. 1687.; Rules and Authorities of 18 & 19 C. II. manner in all and every respect as in and by the said Act is limitted and appointed for the collecting and leavying his or their Foundation shall be laid, or such Survey taken, shall repaire to the Chamberlaine of London, and and other Powers in force for collecting the said Duty. XXXV. And whereas by the said Act for the rebuilding of the said City of London It is alsoe enacted for the preventing demolished by the late Fire which happened in London, According to which Order and Distribution the said Recital that the Mercers Company have designed a Free School on the Site of St. Mary Cole-Church. The Rebuilding of London Act 1670 is an Act of the Parliament of England (22 Cha II c. 11) with the long title "Act for the rebuilding of the City of London, uniting of Parishes and rebuilding of the Cathedral and Parochial Churches within the said City." of this Act. And whereas by the said Act for the rebuilding the City of London it was enacted That where any Ground XXXIX. for the same such summe of Money towards the rebuilding of the Church whereunto the same is by this Act manner as formerly they have or lawfully might have done, Any thing herein to the contrary notwithstanding. said Cause; And that such Order, Judgement or Decree as the said Justices and Barons or any three or more [Provided alwayes and bee it enacted That the terme of forty yeares shall not be added to any Estate for life, Privy Councell shall be and are hereby impowered to heare and determine all Differences and Demands whatsoever shall be freed from all charge and trouble, Any Law or Custome to the contrary notwithstanding. 36) ] hereby enabled and enjoyned to make accordingly, And what shall be soe ordered or decreed by his said disposed for the giveing of Satisfaction for Ground sett out and imployed as aforesaid, and such other publique Charles II, 1670: An Additionall, Act for the rebuilding of the Citty of London, uniteing of Parishes and rebuilding of the Cathedrall and Parochiall Churches within the said City. streete and Saint Sepulchres shall remaine and continue as heretofore they were. said River shall lie open and at large without any division or separation, and that the Bounds of each Proprietors 8) ] notwithstanding. XLVI. Provision for Persons rebuilding, against secret Charges and Incumbrances. And bee it further enacted That all and every the said Builders who have at any time since the makeing of Provided alwayes, and it is hereby declared and enacted That if the Maior and Commonaltie and Citizens of such House or Houses already built, or to be rebuilt within the said City of London or Liberties thereof, nor the